Friday, March 23, 2012

Running Red......

I've got two things to talk about today. First up, Crimson. After seeing Impact, it's clear to me that TNA has an ace up their sleeves in Crimson. He can actually cut a decent enough promo. I will grant that he's still a bit green, but his calm demeanor and arrogant persona worked well and, up until the beatdown by Morgan, his promo was much more polished, which I can only assume comes with practice and training with one of the greats in the backroom. You will find few companies with a better lineup of teachers than TNA. Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Kurt Angle, Sting, Al Snow, Austin Aries, Ken Anderson.....and though some of the names don't seem like legends at face value, they've each got a library of footage to claim as their own to back up their legacy.

Yes, Crimson's in-ring work is still a bit unpolished, but Matt Morgan is one of the best big men in the past 20 years. And on that note, Matt Morgan is the last subject of the day. He's quick, able to carry a match, and can do what's necessary to make his opponent look like a million bucks. TNA made the right choice to mentor and help mold the undefeated one. Having said all of that, I will say that TNA still owes Morgan from last year's Bound for Glory Series. Before injuries sidelined him, Morgan was the top brass favorite to face Angle for the title at the biggest PPV event in TNA. Keeping that in mind would serve them well and a revenge win to break the Streak would be the thing that puts Matt Morgan on the right path.

Now, both men need a win at Lockdown, if they are indeed destined to face-off, but if a distraction for Crimson can be found, Morgan could very well resume his quest unhindered for the World Title. And if he's successful, TNA could put him in a position where he could once more resume his rivalry with a bigger prize on the line. I like the idea of Streak vs. Title at Bound for Glory. The drama of a former partner being the one to snap the streak sets up a beautiful rivalry and, if TNA is able to play their cards properly, Crimson will still be able to walk away from such a feud with his credibility as a dangerous competitor intact.

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