Thursday, March 22, 2012


Historically, TNA has used the time between Slammiversary and Bound for Glory to introduce acquisitions and innovations and I believe this year is no different.  Last year's innovation was, in my mind, groundbreaking with the Bound for Glory series. I will grant that there were some bugs in the system employed at the time, but I think the foundation for the summer long tourney is sound. If TNA decided to employ the tournament once again this year, it would sweep the playing field once more and reintegrate the top tier. That's good for business, giving the young guns a chance to catch a break.

As for who is coming; what debuts are in the works...I've had people ask and I'm still sticking to my guns. I'm going to hold my cards and let you guys find out closer to their debuts. This is one of those things that makes being a TNA fan so much fun....not knowing who is coming next.

I do know that Crimson and Morgan's little spat from Victory Road has sent them into rivalry, which I think, can only mean good things. Another part to the story will make a good match at Lockdown, provided the pair are going to face one another, but since a Team Lethal Lockdown match changes the landscape, I suppose withholding judgement on it would be wise. Nevertheless, Crimson's first loss is something that will make someone a major player. I only hope TNA won't use that loss as a rupture, allowing more people to get wins where there isn't reason. Joe's streak was every bit as impressive and he was up against far more formidable opponents. Where TNA failed was to keep Joe's character's integrity and not allow Kurt Angle's win to dictate terms. If Crimson's first loss has a similar effect, it will cripple his credibility and make him a jobber in no time flat. Think about it, TNA.

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