Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Un-Bourne

According to WWE sources, Evan Bourne, who was set to make his his return to action after serving 60 days' suspension for his second violation of the wellness policy, has had an unfortunate setback. In a twist of circumstance, he managed to break his foot in four places and fracture it in five. Details concerning the incident causing the injury weren't given, but it can be rest assured, he'll be out of action for quite some time. So....what exactly does this do to the WWE roster? Well, first, it destroys any chance of an Air Boom reunion.

The residual damages to the roster deal with the load that must be carried by the high flyers like Rey Mysterio, Kofi Kingston, and Justin Gabriel in his absence. These guys could be utilized to take up that slack, or WWE may simply move away from using them altogether. Meaning that upon his return, he'll have to learn a new way to perform, or be released from employment. This, of course, leaves 2 options.....indies, or one of the two companies that DO use that kind of talent; Ring of Honor or TNA.

My distain for the Tag Team Division in WWE is well known, and this puts further distance between them and any thoughts that a successful division for them is possible. Maybe I'm being a bit dramatic about one guy, but all things being equal, having a tag team tactician like Bourne freed up R-Truth to have taken on another partner to replace Miz, making more than simply one pairing of decent performers to carry the division.

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