Thursday, April 19, 2012

The 10 Year Mark....

I realize I'm still a little ways off from Slammiversary, but I just can't help thinking about some of the great elements that have gone by. I also, however can't help but think that this is the time for TNA do use the nostalgia to bring in a few old favorites. I've already talked about a potential return of Team Canada and even though Devon Nicholson has Hep. C, it would be an awesome way to bring back one of the most dominant stables in TNA history. I'm going to go out on a limb with this column and throw out a few names that TNA could legitimately bring in or bring back without complication.....

1. Monty Brown

Do I want to see this? YES! He could have been bigger than anybody TNA has had under contract in the time they've been around, but he hovered around the top tier without ever crashing through.

2. Lance Hoyt

It was hard to see his spiral downward when he got to WWE. Both Monty and Lance were released with the ECW brand and they couldn't have made a worse choice than letting these guys get away. His work with Kid Kash was good, but his work solo near the end of his TNA tenure was great.

3. Chris Harris

I realize that I've talked him up over the course of the past year, but IF I'm hearing correctly that he's back in ring shape and IF TNA has the confidence in putting together a good run for him, I think Chris Harris could be an awesome force in the coming year.

4. Bobby Lashley

Now before anyone tries to inform me that his time in TNA was too short for him to be considered an asset, I would argue that if he devoted the time himself rather than trying to dictate terms of the agreements made with the company back then, TNA would be in better shape for it. But his indecisiveness allowed time to slip away from him.

5. Petey Williams

Without a bout of doubt in my mind, Williams is the hands down pick of most of TNA's fans the world over for who they would like to see come back the most. The Canadian Destroyer; Maple Leaf Muscle; the captain of Team him what you will, but he's the real deal. He will bring the game every time it is there to be played.

Will any of these be back to bring in the 10 year anniversary of TNA? I can only hope....

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