Saturday, April 14, 2012

Battle Card....

So I've been asked about Rob Van reports that RVD will be back full time beginning at Lockdown and will be billed as one of their top talents. While I don't disagree with the assessment, I will say that RVD's days as a full time wrestler are winding down. TNA has done a fantastic job of building their younger talents to carry the company, while WWE is still trying to get theirs over in spite of returning veterans.

Another question I would like to answer before getting into the card is that of Dixie's meeting with Spike TV officials in the past week. TNA is keeping very quiet about specific changes that will be made to the product, but one thing I can tell you for sure, TNA is going to be a lot more focused on getting their younger stars prepped and ready for the top tier. That means you'll see Austin Aries, who isn't exactly young, but is young to those in the mainstream. You'll see AJ Styles, Joe, Magnus, The Guns, Crimson, Morgan, and the current players in the heavyweight clash on Sunday; Roode and Storm. I can speculate that big changes made will be the stage production, lighting, and possibly a move into a bigger sound stage or into an actual arena to further their place in the expansion.

So now that THAT is addressed and I've made known that I WILL keep you in the loop as things develop, I say we move on to the business of the matter.....Lockdown. I give you the card and my prediction about the outcome. Why? Because everyone does it and it seems like the right thing to do, so jumping right in.....

Crimson vs. Morgan.....I just don't see Crimson losing here. I really don't. BUT, I can see it happening to Matt Morgan. So I would say Crimson is the victor for the day, but not without some sort of underhanded tactic to walk out with the win.

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim.......Velvet Sky wins. Why? Because Gail has held the belt almost ever since her return to TNA. I think it's time for the belt to return from whence it the champion who was never given her rematch.

Jeff Hardy vs. Kurt Angle.....Jeff Hardy takes the win. Kurt Angle is in some pretty bad shape as a result of training so hard. A victory here would mean Kurt would have to move on to something new, while a loss is an excuse to take some time away to heal. So that's what I believe he'll do....take a little hiatus and rest.

Team Eric vs. Team Garett......Going off of the information given about TNA's desire to begin a concerted youth movement, I'm going to say that Garett's team comes out of this thing winning. I have no idea whom he would face after this, but almost anything would be better than seeing a furtherance of him facing Gunner. I have gotten so tired of seeing Gunner in the role of lackey. It's time he grew a set and disbanded from the fray.

Robbie E. vs. Devon for the TV Title......I think Devon needs to win in order to bring in a new challenger for the title. TNA NEEDS to make this title mean something and I think the best way to do that is to make a clean break from the current challenger and bring in a couple of new faces to replace or to contest for the belt.

Motor City Machine Guns vs. Joe/Magnus for the Tag Team Titles.......I think that this could be a good rivalry, one that could last into at least another month of feuding, so I think Joe/Magnus will retain.

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm for the World Heavyweight Title......I have to go with James Storm. It feels like the right time for the belt to change hands. This is the biggest punishment and it makes sense to either change hands here or to force something for Slammiversary. I'm going to go with James Storm for the win.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see some kind of altercation between Sarita and Rosita and ODB. And I think that one will end just the way it should, Eric coming down to play the valiant husband. Although, this could end in a very dramatic turn with Eric leaving ODB, which could make it an upper-midcard headline feud of sorts.

I also expect some kind of number one contenders' match for the X Title either as a pre-show match or an unannounced impromptu match at the beginning of the PPV.

I realize that this column is a bit lengthy, but everything could not fit into something as complete without making it this long. I look forward to this PPV probably more than I have to any other this year to date. Bet on plenty of brawling and some blood to be spilled. Life outside of the PG world is kinda nice like that.

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