Monday, April 30, 2012

The Bench.....

I've spent a solid amount of time talking about the bench without referring specifically to anyone on it, so to speak. I think it's about time I did.....

Pope D'Angelo Dinero.....Great mic worker, charismatic showman, decent in ring tactician. His problem? It seems that too much of a good thing burned him, so TNA officials sent him back to basics to tone his persona down and fine tune his ring craft.

Doug Williams.....No idea why TNA saw fit to bench this guy. He's a technical wrestling machine, he's got microphone skills in spades, but he has had difficulty maintaining a feud....making it last. Austin Aries can move pretty fluently from feud to feud without it looking awkward whereas Williams hasn't had such a luxury whether by persona or storyline design.

Mark Haskins.....He has no character, so far as I can tell. Maybe that's the lack of TV time talking, but maybe it's not. I have no way of knowing either his limits or skill set aside from the sickening sound he made landing on his head at Wembley Arena earlier this year. Maybe he's still healing, but his time off should have been sufficient.

Kid Kash.....The last performer used sparingly in the past few months. I, personally, enjoy the persona he employs, but for whatever reason, his time spent in the Jesse Sorenson storyline was wasted on Zema Ion instead. I still have no idea why TNA spent so much time building him as a legitimate foe and then dropped his use clean.

This column is going to be short, guys. Why? Because Abyss may not be on TV right now, but he's being referred to in an ongoing story. Everyone else has been used on TV in some form or fashion within the past couple of weeks.  Let's see WWE match those numbers.

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