Sunday, April 8, 2012


Because wrestling is the sports entertainment that knows no seasons, it's among the greatest events, in my opinion, to exist. No breaks, no vacations, no real holidays to speak of. At least not in WWE. TNA, however, is a different beast entirely. Because this site has been faithful to attempting to shift the load and balance the scales, so to speak, I truly enjoy writing the virtues of the number 2 wrestling company in the nation. I would no be so diluted as to not know that the numbers don't lie. WWE is the top dog right now and not to acknowledge that would be foolish, which I am not. HOWEVER, WWF was the top dog for a full year before the ratings adjusted to make that known during the Monday Night Wars.

My intent on this site is not to tear down least not what I know they can be. In fact, I believe TNA is more what WWE was 10 years ago than WWE is now. These days WWE is so top heavy with so much emphasis on singles competition, there's simply no room for a Tag Team Division, which truly is a shame. Fact is, a good portion of the pure singles performers came from tag teams to begin with and to forget that is to lose sight of how to build a strong top tier. Look at the following names.....

Steve Austin
Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart
John Morrison
Jeff Hardy
Triple H
Kevin Nash

All of these guys had or have a pretty strong singles' career. But they also had a respectable beginning in a tag team tandem before making it big. The Hardy Boyz, DX, Stunning Steve and Flying Brian Pillman, The Hart Foundation, Michaels and Diesel, MNM....all will one day find themselves in the pages of hall of fame books the world over.

WWE really needs to take some time and think about this. Without a respectable Tag Team Division, they are missing out on giving more people a fighting chance to succeed in this business that we all know and love. It's no wonder Epico's rants about putting the Tag Team match on the Wrestlemania pre-show existed. That's right, one half of the Tag Team Champions made loud noises on Twitter about the division's place on the card or rather the lack thereof.


  1. yh i like that u support tna and show some comparision with wwe. But ur seem to be very harsh and bias against wwe. This articles more about Wwe then Tna?????


  2. WWE's product has allowed the crumbling of some very old traditions and they've taken their eyes off the real prize here.....creating a strong platform to stand on. Look at the landscape right now....they are bringing back characters from 10+ years ago to try and win people back instead of using their veterans to give the young guys a fighting chance to succeed. If you want to know why I talk so negatively about the WWE product, go ahead and read another column here called "Why I talk WWE...." I lay it out on the line as to a couple of my problems with WWE and why I talk about them so often here.