Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bully Beatdown

TNA Creative has been in debate over something I'm happy to say may be on the horizon that I have said would happen this year. They want to make Bully Ray World Champion. Finally. They believe Ray is the best heel performer in the industry today and I can't dispute that. I think he's a more real, raw, and charismatic showman in terms of his ability to cut promos and work stiff enough to sell himself than anyone else in the business. I give him full props for the full blown character reinvention. I'll be honest, I never saw that kind of thing coming from him. EVER.

So now we're looking down the barrel of a possible story to put him into the title picture. Could it be compelling? Believe it. Could it be believable? I didn't think it believable that he could be as good of a heel for the company until recently. Could they do it up right? I sincerely believe they could do just that....provided his feuds have some staying power and his matches are played out with a mix of clean finishes on PPVs and perhaps a cheating tactic or two on TV.

Bobby Roode's success as a heel has been booked strong and he's playing his character well. I believe Bully Ray needs the same kind of booking behind him in order for him to be as successful. How difficult is it to put someone on the wrong end of a Bully Beatdown?

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  1. Bully Ray really SUCKS!!!! I am totally against him being a major player in anything...he is plain and simply LAME....I turn off or fast forward when he is charisma whatsoever...and for James Storm...a poor man's Austin....the Abyss story is BS....they need more Crimson and Morgan even tho Morgan is a bit uncoordinated..More AJ and Kazarian would be good also...get rid of Eric Young and his escapades...same with Robbie...STUPID stuff...
    there is no place for that retarded comedy show...once again I turn off or garbage...Manboob Joe has served his purpose too...dump his fat ass...