Thursday, April 19, 2012

Canadian Angle.....

I'd like to pitch something to you all. Lemme know what you think.....

April 19th....Hogan makes his "Open Fight Night" announcement.

April 26th....The first competitor is announced....Kurt Angle is chosen. Kurt decides he wants to cash in and the match is set for that night. During the match,  Devon Nicholson comes over the tron. He says he's going to take him out for good....the distraction is enough to cost Angle the match.

That night also, Austin Aries is laid out in the back without any idea who did it.

May 3rd....Angle is shown being taken out on a gurney. Over the course of the episode, the TV Champion and the Tag Team Champs are also put out of commission for the night. To end the show, Devon Nicholson is in the Impact Zone holding a Canadian Flag wrapped around a hockey stick. He says that the blood spilled is red like the flag he's holding. Hogan demands to know if he was responsible. To respond, Devon lets Hogan know that everything will become clear next week.

May 10th....Every champion is in the middle of the ring and they demand that Hogan do something about the targets on their backs. Hogan calls out Devon Nicholson. Nicholson says he'll come out soon enough, but in the meantime, Hogan needs to know that it all began with Angle, but it ends when every title is fought by a member of his own team. Hogan reluctantly agrees, provided that every member is present tonight.

In the last segment, all the champions are in the middle of the ring with Hogan. Nicholson comes out and he's got a mic. He says that although the World Title has a competitor already, he's willing to bet another spot can be made for him, since he's taken the championship scene hostage.

"Devon, your TV Title is also up for grabs against a good friend of mine...." A-1 comes out and saunters towards the ring to meet up with Nicholson.

"Joe and Magnus, I'm sure you're pretty pissed about getting whooped on in the back last week. I can assure you, there's more where that came from." Jack Evans and DH Smith join A-1 near the ring along with Johnny Devine.

"Aries, Austin Aries....I haven't forgotten about you-"

 Aries gets into Nicholson's face and says it's a nice gathering of historical relics he's got, but with all of the glam, there's still something missing.....

"Yeah......ME!" Petey Williams walks out onto the ramp, smiling as the show goes off the air.



  1. Now This Would be Fuckin EPIC!!!!!!!!!

  2. bring back the canadian destroyer

    1. his move was epic.
      TNA should revamp the X-division and bring back guys like
      -Sonjay Dutt
      -Jack evans and Amazing Red (who i think would be a great tag team)
      -and maybe Jay Lethal

      -try get
      -Evan Bourne
      and John Morrison
      and ofcourse
      -Petey Williams.

      have MORE x divison matches. have a like a 25-Man Battle Royale MAINEVENTt for impact for No.1 contendership for the x division championship with the champ Austin Aries as the guest on commentary.
      and have a few of these guys debut back
      Have PETEY come as one of the last entries and eliminates a few and ends by hitting a Canadian destroyer on someone.
      sending a message to AA as they eyeball each other Petey from the ring and Aries from the ramp.


  3. Wicked idea. that devon nicholson got Hep C thoe. LOOL

    I want the X-cup back. With the finale at DESTINATION X
    have teams
    Team USA (tna)
    Team JAPAN
    Team MEXICO
    Team GREAT BRITAIN (Haskins,williams etc.)
    and maybe Team INDIA with guys from Ring Ka King.
    And a return of Team CANADA.

    Anyway how would the Canadian Bobby ROODE fit in with this???
    I would like Eric Young to change his gimmick he was great as a Heel in World Elite maybe he could join team Canada.
    Eric young should lose the beard and all that nutcase behaviour and beome a more usual character but him still being a funny and loveable character.