Thursday, April 5, 2012


I realize it's been a day since I posted anything and for that, I apologize....I needed the break, though. In any case, I've had some time to reflect and let some of the events of the past few days of wrestling sink in fully. I've got about 10 thoughts going through my head right now.....

1. WWE needs to focus. With The Rock over here and Brock over there and Cena somewhere else.....and what about the titles? The World Titles are getting overshadowed by the Superstars. What made the WWE product so good for the run they had was that every feud had something at stake and, most often, it had to do with the World Title. Now....not so much. The titles have been relegated to a lesser role, which takes more away from the prestige of said titles.

2. TNA's doing a good job of bringing Austin Aries into the limelight. I think he's outgrowing his division, which is a good thing....moving him up the card can only boost the quality of the product, which I'm all for.

3. If I keep seeing Natalya and Beth Phoenix being underutilized, I may have to buy and ticket to CONN and start bashing some heads, until their contracts are open to cross the line.....

4. Daniel Bryan deserved more than 18 seconds.

5. I hope Arlington is okay after the spot of bad weather in the past few days. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys in that area. Hoping this doesn't jeopardize Slammiversary for you.

6. Gail Kim needs to lose the belt. Seriously.

7. Where is the TV Title? Shouldn't it be on TV?

8. What job is Curt Hawkins qualified for in WWE other than career jobber?

9. "Has anyone seen Abyss?"

10. Brock Lesnar is a lot more scary in person than on TV, which is saying something after RAW last week.

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  1. About #7: I've always been a bit annoyed that ever since they changed it to the "TV Title" its been rarely seen or defended on TV. They always end up defending it on PPV's. To me Television means Impact on Thursday nights and a belt called the "TV Title" should be defended on Impact at least once and maybe even twice a month and only show up on PPV's if the feud is pretty big.