Monday, April 2, 2012

Foreign Exchange.....

After doing a bit of research, I've found something interesting concerning Ric Flair's appearance at WWE's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. TNA officials tried to negotiate for WWE to mention TNA by name, thanking them for allowing Ric to participate. WWE declined this point. They DID, however, grant TNA another request as fair exchange, or so my sources have led me to believe.

TNA will have a WWE wrestler serve as a host either in person or as a voice-over for a TNA released DVD in the future. Now, the details of this agreement are still clouded in a veil, but this proves two things to be true....

1. Ric Flair is valuable. His presence COULDN'T have been done without in inducting The Four Horsemen. Simple as that.

2. TNA was in the right place at the right time for Flair to join Hogan in the company. Now, you all can say what you want about what was done in the storylines, but facts are facts, WWE has agreed to let one of their own cross 'enemy lines', so to speak because Flair was under contract.

Two questions loom over this development....What does this DVD release cover that would be so valuable for a WWE Superstar to host or voice over for it? AND Who is the candidate to host this release?

As for the what? I can't begin to guess. BUT, as for the WHO? Ahhhh...there I have a few to toss in...

1. Christian....He's been there, stood at the top and has now been champion in BOTH companies. He seems a logical candidate.

2. CM Punk....While his tenure in TNA was brief, I have to believe there is a part of him that has some good things to say about the number 2 company on the horizon...particularly now that the product is getting better.

3. Chris Jericho....Surprised? I'm not only suggesting Jericho because Fozzy's song "Enemy" was the theme song for Bound for Glory back in '05. I think he could give some perspective to the most jaded of TNA skeptics and make them take notice. After all, he is one of the most recognizable performers in wrestling today.

4. John Cena.....This would be a curve ball and I HAD to put him in here. Now, this would be a bit inconvenient as his new feud with the pain, himself, Brock Lesnar is still in its infancy, but wouldn't it be a huge coup for TNA if he DID jump even for a DVD voice spot?

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