Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Garett Effect.....

I have read COUNTLESS columns about TNA and the one thing that inevitably comes up is their pushing of the Bischoff feud. While admittedly, I have talked about the feud in a favorable light in the past, even I have to come to grips with the fact that this is getting a bit old. Do I believe TNA would really give Garett a shot in TNA as a part of the roster? I think it best to weigh our options.....

If he DOES come aboard, and manages to keep his nose to the grindstone and take his training seriously, he could legitimately surprise people. Now, having said that, if his opponent continuously is Gunner, I will make the drive to Orlando myself and take care of the problem once and for all, removing them both from the roster one way or another. THAT is a waste of talents and TV time. IF Garett is to become a member of the roster for an extended period of time, he NEEDS a character. Right now, he's just a name....Eric Bischoff's son. Seriously, that's all he is to me right now. In like fashion that Eugene was Eric's nephew, that's all I can truly think of him as. He's not compelling enough to me for him to matter to my world.

So, we've got in ring training, a new opponent, and a character as things that need improvement, what else could help young Garett? How about a push that DOESN'T involve his father? If he's going to be John Cena crammed down our collective throats, let's do that APART from Eric. I still believe the Eric Bischoff/ Hulk Hogan play was a good buy for TNA as Eric's job of PR for TNA has been exemplary, particularly with the network execs over at Spike, who have graciously afforded the TNA an extension on their programming contract until October of 2014. HOWEVER, to say his presence on camera after the fall of Immortal at Bound for Glory last year is unwelcome right now is a severe understatement. Once again, it's a waste of resources that TNA can do without.

A victory over Eric would determine if Garett is worthy of such a push since he will finally be able to break free of the staleness involved with his story. BUT, if Eric DOES win, it does give Garett and TNA a reason to move forward with other talents who, as of now, are sitting on the bench waiting to return to TV. So the pros and cons are laid out.....all that's left is to wait for the story to wrap up at Lockdown and have a look at the aftermath the Thursday following.

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