Friday, April 27, 2012

The Gauntlet....

Open Fight Night was a success, I think, for the first run. As I've said before, I believe it to be a launching pad to the debut of someone big, but until that day comes, we'll just have to enjoy the ride while it lasts. In a Q and A with Dixie Carter just recently, she claimed more big surprises in the coming weeks as TNA ramps up for Slammiversary. I can safely make a few guarantees.

1. Jeff Jarrett will be on hand to say his peace on the matter....thanking the fans for being the driving force behind the organization.

2. More TNA Originals will be back in force to be a part of the festivities. Dixie Carter has been good about bringing back old favorites to celebrate big events.

I've been asked what I think about the OFN concept. I think it's an innovative approach and much more organic in its execution than NXT has been for WWE. Outside of the Nexus and Corre stables, which went defunct before anyone knew it was happening, NXT has been a failure of WWE, much like the XFL of yesteryear. Thankfully, they picked a good man to debut the prospects in Al Snow, one of the trainers of the first couple of seasons of Tough Enough. Snow has enough credentials to hang his hat on in the business and is a respectable scout for talents.

In short, Open Fight Night is a great concept with a thousand possibilities for making TNA a better scout of new talents than their competition. Look for some vignettes to start popping up for debuts or returns as the announcements should be coming soon.

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  1. the whole world still waiting for the canadan destroyer. bring him and jay lethal back and the x division would once again rule the world. would also give the division some credability if they move austin aries up the a main eventer