Sunday, April 1, 2012

Grab a Shovel....

Try to remember the last time you saw someone buried in buried, I mean systematically destroyed in virtually every way. I doubt you can remember that far back, can you? Wrestlemania featured a maddening display of burial as Daniel Bryan was kicked and pinned in 18 seconds. 18 seconds, people. It took longer for the main event of Victory Road last year where Sting pinned Jeff Hardy, to put it in perspective. What's worse, the backstage word is that they were going for the shortest match record since Kane vs. Chavo Guerrero back in WW/ECW.

Now, I can appreciate cutting time somewhere to give to another match near the end of the card, but that kind of embarrassment is (or WAS) below WWE's standards. My reasoning has to do with the duration of Bryan's title reign. To have a championship reign last as long as his did and then to cut it off in 18 seconds buries his credibility as champion.

For the first time in a VERY long time, I'm simply speechless. I can think of few things to say to describe what I've seen. Devoting an entire hour to Rock vs. Cena is more than simply infuriating, that would be generous. I may have to give this some time before reflecting in more detail. Stay tuned....I'll have more enlightening thoughts in tomorrow's column.

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