Friday, April 27, 2012

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

I promised you a list of possible competitors who could potentially walk down the ramp. True to form, I shall through it out to you guys right now.....beginning with high possibility working my way down.

High Possibility......

Chavo Guerrero....He's already open to the idea of coming to TNA to face some of the finest originals they have to offer. Will he be granted a contract? I hope so as they could use a stable with a credible leader and he can use the microphone better than just about any other hispanic wrestling personality on the landscape today. With TNA looking to better themselves in that market, he should be on the short list.

Chris Masters.....He's trying to garner fan support to get him on board anyway, so his coming in is just as likely as Chavo and since BOTH have been working in India for the TNA promotion out there, it stands to reason he should be on the short list as well.

Moderate Possibility.......

Batista.....About three years ago, I wouldn't have thought this was anywhere close to possible, but with all of his talk and withholding of information about his future plans has me believing that something big might be shaking with The Animal called Batista. I can see no bigger news for TNA right now than the possibility of his landing to help celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the company being around. While I don't believe in a one or two year investment he'd demand in order to work the schedule he would ask for,  it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility anymore. After all, he "can't relate to a PG product."

Trish Stratus.......I happen to know for a fact that she's a fan of TNA for their Knockouts Division. She even gave TNA a real look as a possibility a few years back. That is a fact as well. If you throw in that she's got a myriad of familiar faces to lock horns with as well as some new territory to conquer, it seems like a good investment to have one of the most influential women of wrestling to bring in a few viewers. Aside from one other woman, there is no one else who could draw viewers in more than Trish.

Lita........She and Trish pioneered the Women's Division, making it something to pay attention to rather than simply a time to go get another soda and sandwich from the fridge. Combine her statements from the fan axxess this year and you've got another reason to pay mind. Velvet Sky has gone on record saying she'd want to face her as a challenger. So has Angelina Love. I'd venture that most of TNA's original Knockouts would like a shot at a legend like Lita.

Slim Possibility......

John Morrison.....There was a time when I thought TNA was his only option, but those days have gone past and with rumors circulating that he might be bound for another WWE run, it'd be less likely than ever to see him grace the platform of TNA.

Goldberg......I've said never say never, but his case is the living embodiment of that statement. If TNA and Bill ever came to an agreement, you can bet there would be some fanfare and you can also bet that TNA would catch some MAJOR heat for it. This would be a HUGE bullet for ANTI-TNA critics' guns and you can bet their aim would be for the head. "They keep getting old guys" or "Why can't they build their own characters" or "Oh good, another WCW 'has-been' coming in to finish the company off". I get sick of hearing it all.

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