Friday, April 20, 2012


If I had the reins to do as I please with TNA from this moment for one year, there are a number of things I'd do. In fact, I'll lay it all out in 5 easy steps.

1. Move Impact into a larger set to give room for more it stands, it's difficult to make TNA look like a big deal when the Zone is as crowded as it is with as few seats as there are. This will allow a larger feel without spending the kind of money they would if it were moved to a new arena each week. So sue me, I want to save TNA money for other

2. Cutting a PPV from the schedule each quarter and putting together a Monday Night LIVE 3 hour show with a PPV feel. This would do TWO things. FIRST, it would save money even more by using their own facilities. It ALSO would give WWE a run even if only once per quarter. I would arrange the card in the same way as a PPV, but I would spend some of the money saved to air the product with limited interruptions. This would keep people from channel surfing right past it. Commercials can be a help, but they can also kill a person's interest.

3. Put out a second show. Dixie Carter, herself, has said that it's coming. What did I tell you guys? I would make the second show an additional 2 hour block on Thursday. Since Impact tapes on Tuesday, IT could go live on Tuesdays and the taped show could still tape the next day and air on the normal Impact timeslot on Thursday night. On this show, I would take the undercard to a new level and give them more exposure. A second show would allow more talents to showcase and more story development for the larger storylines that could affect both shows. Could talents from Impact show up on the new show? Of course! It's no different than Smackdown was when it first began airing. It was simply an extension of Monday Night RAW. TNA isn't a big enough brand to support a brand extension nor would I support such a move.

4. Promote like crazy. If these steps are to be taken seriously, everyone is going to HAVE to know what I'm doing so they can follow. TNA is doing a decent enough job on the social network front, but they NEED the actual network support from varying sources to get the word out. TNA commercials on RAW and Smackdown would be how I would go about promoting because THAT'S where the concentration of "wrestling fans" are. You want to go toe to toe with a machine, you don't do it on their turf. THAT'S why I chose Tuesdays and Thursdays to air the two shows and NOT Mondays and Fridays.

5. Put together the nostalgia package. I'm talking the 6 sided ring, former TNA talents, the whole ball of wax. I'd put it all out there and let the chips fall where they may. It isn't hard to put guys like Fortune on top of the company as the face of TNA. THAT is what will conquer the giant, not WWE's ex's.

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  1. I like your idea for the second show. If they are taping Impact on Tuesday, why not go live Tuesday and do a taped Thursday show. They could split the roster between both shows and put the more established stars on Impact and the others on Thursday. Maybe the TV title could be the top prize for the Thursday roster.