Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Jury....

So....the jury is still out. WCW vs. TNA; who is WWE sending to TNA for their newest release? What DOES Dixie Carter have up her sleeve for Slammiversary? Does Petey Williams ever return? Why all the changes to the Impact Wrestling format?

All of these questions and people have difficulty seeing the pattern. Critics are ignoring the facts. Open Fight Night. Impact is going one hour earlier. Dave Batista is in Florida for Wrestlemania weekend, but never shows up for any WWE shows in the weeks that follow. Instead, Brock Lesnar, whom WWE wanted to keep a moderately guarded secret, was known about before RAW ever aired.

Have another look at the rules of Open Fight Night. ANYONE can be challenged. An independent name will take part in the Gut Check Challenge. Dixie hasn't shown her hand just yet, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a plan in place. The WWE Network should probably hold off a little while longer as their resources will be needed elsewhere......

I now ask you....who is the better chess player.....Vince McMahon or Eric Bischoff? Dixie Carter has given most of the controlling power of the day to day in TNA to Eric Bischoff as their chief producer. The suits in the corporate offices at Spike TV are a far cry different than the blue ties at Time/Warner were when they took over as proprietors of the Turner Networks. They actually want to see a wrestling show succeed and given the fact that Vince shafted them on their end of the television deal, Spike has a stake to claim for TNA to blossom. The biggest and best difference between TNA and WCW......Eric Bischoff has learned his lesson.

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