Monday, April 16, 2012

The Lockdown Low Down.....

I've been reading a lot of flack for the way Lockdown played out. As I see it, you could look at it in two ways.

1. TNA is looking at PPV in exactly the opposite way they should which is to plan out the finish to try and bolster ratings for their weekly show.


2. TNA is a lot more forward thinking and is giving a belt and champion credibility enough to last until such a time as can be found to make the odds simply insurmountable in order to crown a new champion.

I happen to stand in the center of the number 2 camp. Another fellow columnist on another site would have you believe that TNA is so desperate to get their ratings up that they are planning out a finish that will be so controversial that it will get people to tune in in order to see the fallout on the show in the coming week. While there is some evidence to support this view, I tend to be a great deal more forgiving of a finish to a PPV than most. I may be upset at first, but I will calm down and think about things rationally eventually. Fact is, this goes across the board....for WWE AND for TNA as well.

As I recall, I was thinking that either Storm would walk out as champion OR that Bobby Roode would be placed in a sort of situation where he had odds so stacked that there was no other choice but to write him out of the picture. I'm thinking about the return of the King of the Mountain Match. It's been about 2 years since the last one and I'm thinking it's high time we did just that. Put the 6 best contenders into the biggest match TNA has outside of the Lethal Lockdown match. I would put him in with the biggest and most dangerous bunch so as to guarantee his demise. My list would go something like this.

Matt Morgan
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Bully Ray
Bobby Roode

Give this list to the bookers and let their minds explode. This is the way to take the belt off of Roode. I would put him through absolute HELL leading up to the PPV. I mean brutal match after brutal match where he is put through his limits. THAT'S when you take the belt off....when he's had enough.

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  1. isnt KOTM 5 man. I feel 6 will be to congested as 5 is quite a lot already.
    My list wud be
    Bobby Roode
    James Storm
    Bully Ray
    Samoa Joe

    My champ would be JOE!!!

    I wud push every guy seeming as if anyone of them all have a strong chance of winning.

    Also for Aries i feel before pushing him push the whole division.
    For slamiversary
    Have a 3-way
    Aries vs Aj Styles vs Jeff Hardy or cud make it a 4way by adding rvd.

    This wud put the x division right back up to the top.

    I would have AJ win. Fitting with 10 year anniversary as he was 1st ever x-champ.

    Bound For Glory- Aries vs Styles vs Joe EPIC!!