Thursday, April 12, 2012

Miscellaneous Wanderings.....

As the title of this column suggests, I'm going to be jumping around a bit. I've been asked why I continue to do this. Why do I keep spouting the glories of TNA and putting down WWE in the columns I write here? Because I see more in TNA's ability to grow than I do in WWE's ability to keep selling what they are to the general public despite Scott Steiner's personal protests to the contrary.

I've talked about WWE's Women's Division and given the opinions of a few superstars as to their undoing of that division, but for those who STILL don't buy my speech, I give you another of my favorite Divas of all time....Lita.

Let's all show a raise of hands as to who might not be asked to join in WWE's Wrestlemania Fan AXXESS in coming years. Who is better to talk about the state of the division she helped pioneer?

For anyone interested in the bid for the United States Olympic Team, Kurt Angle won't be on it. He suffered an MCL tear, which will take up to 6 months of recovery. On a side note: this has no bearing on the match this Sunday between Angle and Jeff Hardy for Lockdown. Kurt has assured that it will be a great match as his knee will be well guarded.

Also, Eric Bischoff, who in spite of whatever happens on Sunday, will continue to serve as one of the chief producers for the show behind the scenes is giving assurances as well. His assurances are more focused on the time frame after Lockdown, which promises to be something to rival the things happening up north.

TNA's strategy for getting the word out in the form of putting Lockdown in select theaters is something I bragged up when they did it for Bound for Glory, but this PPV promises to be something almost more special as it may just determine how loyal TNA fans really are when the biggest Pay Per View event on the calendar year comes to the big screen. Don't forget to keep the ticket stub and send a copy to TNA for your free t-shirt.....

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