Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink Slips.....

It's that time again.....WWE's notorious spring cleaning liquidation. All "useless" wrestlers MUST GO! If you're quick, you, too, could get your hands on the contract of some of the best wrestlers to ever NOT get a chance to prove themselves in the biggest company on Earth. Who, you ask, may be on the bidding block? I'm so glad you asked......

Ezekiel Jackson.....Ever since ECW collapsed, he's been in a state of uselessness. He rarely is used on one of the big two shows and finds himself on the receiving end of a loss more often than not against someone who has no business beating him. With no strikes on his wellness card, Big 'Zeke could be on YOUR roster if the price is right.

Okay, no more game show talk, but seriously guys, WWE kills their roster every year by cutting guys who really could have a chance to make something of the product that is better than it is now. This is just the short list.....

Evan Bourne.....He's got a few breaks in his foot. How can they use that to benefit their show? With 2 strikes on his wellness card, he's not only a wellness risk, he can't be effectively used on the injured list anyway.

Tyler Reks......I can't count the number of years I've had him here on the cut list, but he just hasn't been cut yet. This year may be the year.

Rey Mysterio......Some of you may be surprised, but you shouldn't be. Rey is even now serving 60 days' suspension for his 2nd violation of the wellness policy. He only just got hit with the suspension this week. He would be the most shocking release of the year.

There are a few more I would add to the list, but you all get the idea, look for someone who hasn't been used much in the past 3 months and you can pretty much draw your own conclusions as to their futures, which is really sad. But I mean this with the kind of sincerity WWE does not....I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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