Friday, April 13, 2012

A Problem Like Maria.....

Maria Kanellis is wrong. Dead wrong. Let me back up.....Maria, who performed in WWE in the Diva's Division is now with Ring of Honor. Now, for those of you who don't know my feelings about Ring of Honor, I bring them to you now. Their roster is colorful and their performers are among the highest caliber in the world. HOWEVER, in the course of the past 15-20 years, their production quality and presentation style leaves much to be desired, even by the standards people complained about for TNA in their early days. Further, it hasn't changed much during that time.

They have 3 belts; a Television Championship, a Tag Team Championship, and a World Heavyweight Championship. No Women's Championship. Only two females on their entire roster, in fact.....and one is merely an interviewer. Why do I bring up the roster OR Ring of Honor in the first place? I'm glad you asked......

Maria Kanellis was interviewed by VOC Wrestling Nation in Philidelphia recently. In her words, she believes that Ring of Honor's status "has surpassed TNA" and goes on to say that they have the best wrestlers in the world. With all due respect to the men and two women on the roster of ROH, it does little good to have a decent roster if you can't showcase them the way they deserve to be. Eddie Edwards, the Briscoes, and the rest of their roster deserves to be given angles and camera quality to properly capture the best their matches have to offer, but rather than focus their efforts on bringing the aesthetic quality of the show Maria brags up, they attempt to hide it behind the match itself. There IS a way to have your cake and eat it too, guys. TNA has found a good towards that, ROH.

If there was a women's champion who had any place to talk about roster quality, it's not Maria. She's in a company where she'll never be a champion. Why not? There is no belt to fight for. Seems simple enough. This isn't a criticism of the product, only of the one bragging up a product she has no place in to begin with.

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    Whats the 'big changes' that dixie said.