Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Progression is Coming......

What have I been saying for the past 6 months?
- Make the TV Title matter
- Bring on new ideas.....

How about giving a nobody a shot at a TNA contract on live TV? TNA says "YES!"
How about forcing the TV Champ to compete every week to keep his title? TNA says "YES!"
How about giving any TNA wrestler a chance to challenge anyone else on the roster including the World Heavyweight Champion on Impact? Once again, TNA says "YES!"

Here's the scoop.....Dixie Carter tells fans to stay tuned and that changes are coming down the pike that will take the company further. Look up again at the 3 new elements of anyone going to complain about these changes? Put your hands down WWE marks, you guys don't least not in THIS discussion.

Putting a little bit more control into the hands of the writers is good for TNA. It gives them someplace new to venture and more often to do just that. NOW, concerning the first and third points on the list of ideas. These combine to formulate what Hulk Hogan is calling "Open Fight Night" which will take place once per month. I am assuming this is in addition to PPVs. During this evening of Impact, an independent wrestler will be brought aboard with the chance to perform against one of TNA's finest in hopes of receiving a roster spot and a contract. Additionally, one of TNA's own will be given a chance to challenge ANYONE else on the roster, including champions. Let all of that sink in for a moment....

THIS means that someone who has ridden the bench like Doug Williams could challenge Bobby Roode for his World Title. I see some people getting a free ride to the races once per month and an intriguing opportunity for success. Imagine one man like Williams deciding that he doesn't want to waste his challenge for World Title gold on Impact and decides he wants to face Roode at Sacrifice instead. NOW, if the rules are such that the chosen one of the month has to have the match either on Impact that night OR at the next PPV, this could be a HUGE upward step for the good folks in TNA as this would bring up their talent ranks fast. Not only that, but it would give those bench riding a shot to get back in the game and play again. I say this is good news, but I'm just a fan of choices.

One highlight....just one....

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