Friday, April 6, 2012

The Purging......

I've brought it up on occasions about this time of year....the annual spring cleaning for WWE. The Future Endeavors Club Class of 2012 is in processing right now. Pink slips are being stuffed into envelopes as you read this. The Webmaster for WWE is having the messages underwritten and the roster is already beginning to stir, with those most vocally opposed to their position in the company are the ones who are most likely to end up on the wrong end of the stick. Every year it happens and every year I ask the same question.....why do you keep bringing in new people when you haven't properly utilized the ones you're looking to let go?

I won't go into my disapproval of these practices much deeper, except to say that I expect this year's purge to be an especially long list. Why? With the re-integration of The Rock, Brock Lesnar, and perhaps Batista into the fold, the top of the card is going to put the pushes of some of the younger guns on hold, pending how these inclusions pan out. SO, with John Cena, The Rock, CM Punk, Sheamus, Batista, Brock Lesnar, and Randy Orton on rotation for the top spots, guys like Daniel Bryan (who I know some will disagree with me upon), Santino (who WWE had been getting behind up until now), and others on down the card will have to accommodate the returning veterans and get used to being used as fodder for them.

TNA is not in the same position, as their bench of inactive players, or players who haven't been fully used as of recent is very small. They can't afford to let many wrestlers on the roster leave because Impact is finally becoming a real variety show, one that is getting the most use out of their roster. With Scott Steiner out of the picture, it allows more money that he otherwise would have been getting from TNA to potentially go somewhere else. If the rumors are true and Ric Flair does leave TNA to go back to WWE to work for them once his contract expires, it may free up even more potential that TNA could put to good use.

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