Monday, April 23, 2012

Rob, Roode, and the Sacifice PPV....

I've seen posts suggesting that RVD will definitely win the title at the next PPV. I'm inclined to agree, although I'm a bit leary of the move to put the strap on RVD after such a short return. Jeff Hardy has been fighting towards the belt for 6 months and James Storm for 4. I personally believe this is a setup for the next phase in the Roode era. I have a hunch something interesting is going to come of the main event at Sacrifice. This whole 4 month time span has been building towards Slammiversary. Lockdown's finish may have disappointed some, even most of James Storm's fans, but it did do one very important made getting the strap off of Roode look like a necessity.

If you can think back to 2002, Triple H was bestowed the World Heavyweight Title by Eric Bischoff and he held that belt until the very first Elimination Chamber, when he dropped the belt to HBK. After winning it once again, he held it all the way until Unforgiven 2003, when Goldberg took the belt. For the record, Triple H held the belt for 10 months. Bobby Roode has held this belt since November. That's just over half of that time. Why do I keep bringing this up? Simple. People want to compare TNA to WWE because WWE has set the standard for so many years and they've been the most dominant "wrestling" source for over a decade and a half.

The point to this is that it took a multiple competitor situation and a cheating free environment to take down Triple H at the time and I daresay the same will be true of Roode, unless James Storm has something to do with the finish at Sacrifice.

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