Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What Did Fortune Do For Fortune?

I have pondered the question for quite some time now, mostly because it seems like the path to the World Title seems like a straight and narrow road. What did Fortune actually do for Fortune? What I mean to ask is what the stable did for each member. Who won out? Did anyone really lose?

AJ Styles- I'm sure there can be a case made that he lost the most, but I would argue that AJ is NEVER more than one match away from a title shot for ANY division. If you look at history, just about every time he's gone to bat for the big belt, he's been successful more than half of the time.

Kazarian- This guy confuses me. I had him pegged. I mean, in my mind, he was going to give the fans his best work to date, but he's been trapped by a guy who could have, would have, should have already been a World Champion contender by now, Daniels. Six months ago, I would have predicted Kazarian to be in the line-up for a World Title match against Bobby Roode, but in his current state, the best he could do is job for the Tag Team Division with Daniels.

Bobby Roode- Moving on.....

James Storm- He's been a part of the upper-most echelons ever since winning the World Title for the week he reigned. I'd say that's probably about as good as winning the thing because it is cementing him as the guy who everyone is rooting for. He's the people's champion for TNA. He's got a good character; he's got enough skill both in ring and on the mic to take on just about anyone you can throw at him. Just a little while longer, James fans...just a little longer.

I want to give you guys a little morsel to chew on. Devon Nicholson.....have a watch....

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