Friday, April 20, 2012

Why Not?

If you were to ask a critic about TNA, there are a few complaints about their product and while some of those points are VERY valid, most are simply perspective. Let's have a look at the two most common.

1. TNA is full of WWE's rejects.
2. TNA can't do clean finishes on their PPVs

Number one is an easy one to overthrow as there are only 16 former WWE performers on the nearly 60 person roster. Of those, a few can be discounted as they aren't wrestlers. This is perhaps my biggest reason for not suggesting guys like Batista or Goldberg as possible acquisitions. Money is only half of the problem. If TNA did what WWE is doing now, by picking up free agents from 10+ years ago, they would have to push the guys they are trying to build down the card. Guys like Crimson, Matt Morgan, Austin Aries, and James Storm who have put in their time would be wasted.

Number two is quite possibly the toughest one to combat as run-ins and cheat wins seem like a way of life for Bobby Roode and TNA. My best example of unclean finishes from WWE would be from 2002-03. Triple H's reign as champion was FILLED with such finishes...look at Royal Rumble 2003 and No Way Out of the same year vs. Scott Steiner. Two different losses without losing the title. If there ever was a king of questionable finishes, he would be that king, particularly back then.

My point is that EVERY company has battled these complaints. WWE is neither above it nor are they immune to them. TNA's finest performers are, for the most part, in the driver's seat in every division. I see no problem with taking on the performers they have, but if people out there believe that Batista would bolster their ratings, I ask where the ratings were when Kurt Angle came over. What about Christian? Or Jeff Hardy? Fact of the matter is that ratings have barely changed in nearly 5 years. All of the performers I listed off are better, more versatile performers than Batista ever was and they were young enough to step in without being accosted for being too old. Batista is halfway into his 40's, people. So is Goldberg. I will grant that Sting is in his 50's, but he is able to serve as a decent General Manager that makes the show compelling to watch. I would argue that neither of these guys could be able to say the same.

I realize that this was a bit long winded, but suffice it to say that half a million dollars, which TNA is not in a position to spend for such a short term deal is simply not worth the scrutiny. TNA needs to make this journey to the top on their own, for now, without the help of more former WWE talents, particularly those in the higher age bracket. Just a thought to maul over.....

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