Sunday, April 1, 2012


Producer Kevin Sullivan with TNA has some decisions to make. Fans want longer episodes of Spin Cycle, more matches, and house show footage, according to a poll conducted on the international what does this mean? TNA is going to do everything they can to see to it everything is delivered. So for those of you who live overseas, this should be welcome news. To those of us who live in the US of A, it means we need to be a little more active in our attending of events and such to bolster support here.

With Wrestlemania hype nearly over, WWE has plans to reveal their brand new deal with Brock Lesnar, who has just inked a one year contract. His involvement is said to surround Wrestlemania 29 next year, but the details are to be revealed more fully on RAW Monday night. Whether he appears at the event tomorrow night is something yet to be determined, but it could make a drab looking card on the surface a bit more interesting. Who would his target be? That is something that might sway my calloused opinion of the WWE product, if even slightly.

Now, that being said, I see nothing wrong with what TNA has on tap. Three matches for a card three weeks away is just fine as there are still a couple of matches I can see coming. There has been no Lethal Lockdown match announced, but I would imagine it being announced as soon as Thursday when Impact airs. I am going to guess that the feuds on the card will include Crimson vs. Morgan, Austin Aries vs. Bully Ray, Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim, and perhaps a number one contendership match between four teams.....Anderson/Styles, Kazarian/Daniels, Mexican America, and the returning Motor City Machine Guns with that match occupying the main event on Impact the weeks before the PPV. All of this would lead me to question the direction TNA will take the division, whether heel or face. Whatever they decide, you can bet on a compelling build toward a great title match.

I am still of the belief that TNA has their own fate in their hands. They can pull off a great summer by staying the course and not allowing WWE to worry them into doing anything rash or in bad form....there is truly nothing to fear when time and the return of fan favorites are on their side.

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