Sunday, May 27, 2012

The 31st.....

I've been hearing all kinds of rumblings about the spectacle that is the first Live Impact Wrestling broadcast of the summer. Will there be any debuts? What kind of returns could we see? What do we expect? Will the Lumberjack Match be for the World Title? On and on the questions go and the hype continues to build.

My answer to each question in order goes a bit like this: Wait and see. That's it. I CAN say safely that TNA wouldn't put something like this on unless there was something special to showcase, so a debut or special return I feel safe in predicting for the first live show to kick off the live event summer.

Would I leave you all hanging here without a clue? On any other event, I would say "no", but this time is a bit different. You really want to know what's coming? Watch the show this Thursday in its new timeslot live on SpikeTV or catch it in pieces on YouTube the next day. Sorry guys, but I can promise; you'll love what's on tap.

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