Monday, May 14, 2012

According to Plan......

That's right. It's all part of the plan. Roode stays on top until next month. Why not take the title away at the PPV with the most amount of hype for the year so far? It's TNA's 10th Slammiversary. We'll stack the deck so high, he may as well not even show up to the show itself. It's a guarantee he's not going to retain after this one.....

So, for those of you who missed out on the PPV, shame on you. You missed a GREAT show! I can guarantee you, someone has been training, eating his vitamins, and saying his prayers in order to make an Impact upon his return in the coming days and weeks, but even more than that, TNA has been making their plans in preparation for the big one. TNA NEEDED Sacrifice to be a PPV that properly built up Slammiversary as something special. In my humble opinion, it did just that. It made getting the belt off of the top Mens' and top Womens' Division ABSOLUTELY necessary.

It also cemented Austin Aries as THE guy. The breakout star of Sacrifice beat Bully Ray with his patented submission. Did I mention that he was able to get him off the ground for the Brainbuster suplex? Yeah, worth the money just to see that. On top of his accomplishments there, it becomes obvious to me that there was no need for any kind of management figure for the card to go off without a hitch. Sorry Hogan, sorry Eric, this was nearly a perfect PPV. Very little talk, save for the open challenge issued by Crimson. I already know what's coming of this. This is how he'll lose the streak.....running his mouth until his streak snapped by King Mo. Either his streak, or his arm or leg. I doubt very much Matt Morgan will care either way.

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles put on a wrestling clinic, proving once and for all that they are the best performers left in the sport. Yeah, better than anyone WWE can bring to the table. Put nearly any match WWE can muster and set it next to AJ vs. Angle and you'll see the difference. I'll grant that the finish was a bit spotty, but we all saw it coming and it wasn't overpowering to the point of truly polluting the match itself. A nice face hint for Angle, giving AJ a hand out of a beatdown by Kaz and Daniels.

So now begins the build to Slammiversary.....go ahead, there has never been a better time to cross the line than right now.

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