Wednesday, May 9, 2012

At Last.....TV Title Relevance!!!!

I have written long and drug out posts about how the TV Title needs to matter in order for TNA to gain traction. Open Fight Night has finally ushered in what so many fans have asked for......putting the TV Title on TV. What a concept! I will say this, though.....Devon needs to lose at some point. I'm putting my money on Matt Morgan or Crimson to take the newly revamped title to the next level.

In all truth, I can't believe I never saw this as a necessity in the plans I initially drafted, but now that it occurs to me, EVERY title needs to have a purpose. Name one person who wouldn't like to see the potential of a title change on TV rather than only PPV.....that's what I thought.

The Television Title re-start in only one little piece of this puzzle that Eric Bischoff and company were sharp enough to point out in Creative Team meetings. I promise, this will be the last time I bring this up, but Scott Steiner has been railing and railing on Bischoff and Hogan for whatever reason and he's now been bringing old personal information about them. I ask you all one thing.....what does it matter what they are doing behind closed doors if they are doing a decent enough job running the company at large? I may not condone some of the things brought up in his tweets, but I've said it over and over again.....only YOU can prevent Twitter fires.

But despite the smear campaign from Steiner, if you listen to Bischoff' and Hogan in interviews, there is much to be learned from a creative and professional standpoint. Few have defended the regime that has been given a great deal of power over the day to day, but I, for one, stand behind their strategy as it closely resembles the simple basics I have outlined here. It took from 1993 until 1996 for WCW to hit high levels with a large financial backing from Ted Turner, but this is TNA and money very much is something to consider in their planning process. I'm going to bet on a couple more years of ramping before TNA is self sustaining. In the meantime, hold on tight....

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