Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back to Basics.....

I'm back after a day or two to recharge, but I'm sure you're wondering why I needed the break.....because, the announcement has come....kinda. On Busted Open, which is a radio show on Sirius XM 208, Dixie Carter had this to say about an old prediction of mine.....

On a Second Show: "I think you’ll see something second of ours and maybe even third of ours. Whether it’ll be on Spike or another network, it’s definitely part of our plan. We just need to become more mainstream, have more exposure in different ways and with different shows—a top priority for our company."

If I had to choose a time to say it, I'm going to say it's now.....I TOLD YOU SO!

TNA's new strategy is on par. Bobby Roode is waging war on the roster, Gut Check is underway, Open Fight Night's premier was a success.....all that's left is to get the critics to shut up and give them a chance to blossom.

So we've looked at the bench, which is being utilized pretty well, all things considered. We've looked at the strategy TNA is employing and is moving towards. We've even tackled just about every possible complaint about the TNA product in general. What's next? I say we go back to basics and focus in on what it's going to take for Nashville's brightest prospect to turn things up another notch and take the show on the Scott Steiner and his posse, the haters of progress, and enjoy the product while it's hot.

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