Friday, May 11, 2012

Black Hole Son.....

From the debut of the Monster Abyss, I was hooked. He was crazier than Kane, but just as strong. He wasn't Mankind, but he was still an intriguing character. While both WWE incarnations fell to the managerial duties of one Paul Bearer, Abyss fell to a more sinister manager; Father James Mitchell. I've spoken my peace about Father Mitchell's progressive microphone prowess and forward presence. He has been TNA's darker TV-14 masked brother to the more cinematic PG Kane since 2003.

His return this week on Impact heralds something new.....or so I hope. With a questionable storyline history, Abyss stands to gain something in this restart, credibility that was lost during 2010 in the 'ring of power' debacle. The monster needs to return to the darkness from whence he came and cast tones upon the Impact Zone that stand as collateral damage, even if only to journey to somewhere TNA rarely goes....

Including Father Mitchell and potentially re-introducing someone like a Judas Mesias or even Kevin Thorn would restore some of the fascination with the stale variation seen during recent years. If a hero is only as good as his villain, TNA needs to first determine which Abyss will be moving forward, the hero or the villain. The villain has little feeling, only the desire to injure and inflict pain. The hero's agenda has yet to be named, but the speculation is to win at virtually any cost, and to leave the arena on his feet, while his opponent leaves in a dustpan.

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