Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Boss on Screen.....

Vince did it. Bischoff did it. And now Dixie is doing it. Appearing as a character while still being the top management figure is a tough job. Think about it; you're doing double duty. You're getting coached by top names on how to properly pull off a performance.....unless you're naturally gifted, which few truly are as evidenced by John Laurinitus. Sorry guys, I won't be watching WWE TV for quite some time so long as I'm even sensing that he'll flash across my screen.

The current storyline for Dixie is an affair with one of TNA's top performers. My concerns are few here as the developments I'm seeing come to fruition aren't nearly as bad as some of the things Vince or Eric have tried (and failed) to pull off in years past. I'll have to admit, however, that Dixie Carter can put on quite the show of dramatic skill, whether it is due to theatric training or superior coaching. Whatever the source of her talent, Mrs. Carter is a fine actress. As for the story, we'll just have to rely on AJ Styles to set records straight for now, though I happen to believe that all is not what it seems.

I would like to take a moment here to discuss one person I believe people want to know about....Sting is getting ready to make his return. As for his role? Well, you're going to have to wait, but I will say this....he'll be back within the next 2 weeks. With the feedback positives FIERCELY outweighing the negatives over Sacrifice, TNA officials are gaining some confidence to invest more time into the building for Slammiversary. Look for some amped up story developments and at least one plot twist in the upcoming weeks of Impact leading up to and following the event.

There has been no confirmation of this, but I would venture a guess that the Bound for Glory Series will be making a comeback for the summer's months leading into TNA's most popular event of the year. On that front, there is speculation that this years' festivities will be held in the Impact Zone or at the very least, somewhere very close. With budget concerns tightening the wallet, TNA is needing to go more conservative once Slammiversary has turned its' lights down. Bear in mind, however, that conservative does NOT mean slowing down.....only sidestepping costs and avoiding big expenditures like signing brand new talents whose cost is too high to reasonably rationalize.

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