Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cruel Ironies.....

For those of you who are going to watch Sacrifice, I applaud you. To those of you watching with your Moms, I envy you. TNA has a cruel sense of irony going for them with a Pay Per View entitled "Sacrifice" airing on Mother's Day. Seriously, could they not have picked a more inconvenient day to put this on? In any case, this isn't a rant, just the airing of a frustration.

THAT, however, is not why I'm here today. I am here to throw out my predictions. So without ANY further commentary, here it goes.....

Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries......I know very much that I want Aries to come out of this feud on top, and I can believe it's heading that direction....but not this time. I am calling for a NO CONTEST with Abyss coming to the ring and doing his damage to Ray for laying hands on his brother last week. By the way, I very much like where this story has gone. Understated, given plenty of time to develop, and the younger brother lawyer character was played quite well.

Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy....Why is this match happening? One columnist writes that it's nonsense booking, but I would argue that since he doesn't watch the show, he missed out on Anderson giving Hardy a Mic Check finisher without looking who was on the receiving end 2 weeks back. Violence begets violence. Seems to be the theme of the event. I have a hunch this one could move into next month's festivities in some way, but I'll give the edge to JEFF HARDY.

AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle......Kazarian and Daniels did their damage. While all of us know that the woman in the photo isn't Dixie Carter for real, the story does beg some interesting plot points and I would guess that TNA has plans to pull back the shades a bit in this match. KURT ANGLE is the victor by my review of how things seem to be moving.

Brooke Tessmacher vs Gail Kim for the Knockouts Title......In all sincerity, I want to see the belt moved off of Gail as soon as humanly possible, but I don't see Brooke being the one to do least not yet. She's still too green as a singles performer. So I give the victory to GAIL KIM grudgingly.

Rob Terry vs. Robbie E. vs. Devon for the TV Title......I cannot wait for new challengers for this belt and I believe the only way to do that is to force this match to a no contest by injecting someone new into the feud, or removing one of the major players, whether Devon or Robbie E. That being said, I don't think we'll see that here. I give the win to ROB TERRY just for the drama factor of possibly splitting the two up.

Kaz and Daniels vs. Magnus and Joe for the Tag Team Titles......JOE and MAGNUS. No complications exist for me to believe otherwise. Sure, the heels getting the edge would mean difficult times ahead for AJ, I just don't see it happening.

RVD vs. Bobby Roode in a Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Title......I'll be honest, I have no clue who to put odds on. On the one hand, this match would make King of the Mountain next month a bit unnecessary. On the other hand, both competitors have something to gain here. Just for the sake of TNA wanting to have an original holding the belt going into Slammiversary, I'll give the win to BOBBY ROODE.

I will predict an impromptu match for the Knockouts Tag Titles, but I doubt anything will come of it, so a cheap victory for ODB and Young.

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