Friday, May 25, 2012

Desperate Times....

Two from TNA's roster are now gone and with them, an established team is now disbanded. In a release piece of news just coming over the ticker, Ric Flair and Alex Shelley have been let out of their contracts and, in turn, The Motor City Machine Guns are no longer together. Chris Sabin, who just returned in recent weeks from a year on injured reserve, may end up back in the X Division OR he may become just another face on the bench, which would be a horrible shame.

With Ric Flair's situation, there were so many complications; so many reservations; so much trouble involved with his tenure in TNA that the upper brass felt no other choice could be reached. Irresponsible lifestyle filled with lavish bar tabs and the expectations for TNA to foot the bill, complete with no showing several house show dates during the span of time he was employed held him to scrutiny among many. His premature verbal agreement to be in attendance at WWE's Hall of Fame Ceremony left TNA with few options other than granting him the break in contract to attend.

This post comes in late to you all late....mainly because it's been a hard thing to swallow. I wrote a column earlier talking great things about the contribution Ric Flair made to TNA in them allowing him to be a part of the Hall of Fame festivities, but for his actions and reputation to pollute what progress TNA had made with certain of their off site relations makes it very hard to have respect or to even respond to all the questions I've been hit with.

As far as Alex Shelley is concerned.....he's a VERY talented guy. Charismatic, athletic, and loaded with talent....WWE may not use him as well as TNA has, but their roster looks better with even his picture on it. TNA will suffer a bit without his presence as it IS the Tag Team Division that hinged nicely with the Motor City Machine Guns leading the charge for the belts.

We, as fans of TNA, mourn the loss of Shelley from the roster, but we rejoice in welcoming the surprises in the coming more week, folks, until TNA goes live for the rest of the summer....count it down.

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