Saturday, May 19, 2012

Events Unfold.....

So WWE wants to go three hours beginning this I think it'll help their product? One word comes to mind. Nope. Over the course of the past year, they have dropped the ball on nearly every big thing they've had their hands on. CM Punk's run beginning just after Money in the Bank; they could have made MILLIONS just by letting time pass and allowing Punk to go elsewhere running his mouth, but they chose to allow time to slip away from them. Cena's potential heel turn at Survivor Series; had they allowed the turn fans have been dying to see for years, we would have seen something new and fresh, maybe even producing even more cheers than if he had someone truly cruel to go up against.

With the latest two mishandlings of huge potential moneymakers in the Wrestlemania match between The Rock and Cena and the treatment of Brock Lesnar in his first PPV upon returning, it seems clear to me that the men and women in the white tower in Stanford are losing their sense of perspective. SO, since this site has always been about changing perspective and addressing it, why not look at the last two items I've brought up?

At Wrestlemania, WWE had two options, let John Cena win, or let The Rock win. No one even gave thought to a possible third option.......introducing Lesnar there and setting up Rock vs. Brock II there that night. Doing just that gives 2 things....

1. Reason for The Rock to run back to Hollywood for the time being.
2. A more convincing place for Brock to pick up from where he left off.

Could he have debuted on Raw the same way? Absolutely. It would give him someone to feud with throughout the summer, but the way he debuted in his first PPV back losing to John Cena was bad booking, pure and simple. Sure we get Heyman back on TV, which is a long time coming, but it made Brock look less than what he was when he left. When he left, he was the biggest main event player WWE had, sharing the moniker with guys like Cena (who was just getting ready to break out at the time), Batista, and Triple H. Now, he's a guy with a grievance. I must admit, not impressed.

For a company that likes to think of themselves as forward thinking by putting together a network without executives to run the thing, plan out more than one weeks' worth of programming to begin with, and consequently push the launch back as a result, somehow I don't see how 3 hours of programming will improve their already watered down 2 hour show. If I didn't mention this part, WWE creative has nothing for Kharma to do at the moment, so her return (which has been ready for a month or better) has been revised. If they keep it up, she'll ask for her release just like Gail Kim did. I don't know about you guys, but I wouldn't mind seeing Kong back in a feud to take the belt from Kim like back then.

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