Thursday, May 17, 2012

Family Moments.....

From the beginning, let me say that it's a bad idea. Had Garett Bischoff taken a different name, gotten more polished ring work before debuting, and been given a better opening storyline, I might feel differently, but this is nearly enraging. TNA has just announced that Brooke Hogan is joining TNA as the new VP of the Knockouts Division. I only have one thing to say about all of this, she'd better play this part like an Emmy Winner because otherwise, fans and critics alike are going to be calling for Hulk's resignation out of sheer damage control.

Do I have any personal vendetta against Brooke? Not as of yet. Does she have need to defend herself as a legitimate contender for the role? More than anyone else in the history of the business.....more than the billion dollar princess herself, Stephanie McMahon. Why? Because she'll be representing a division second to none in the other promotions across the country. The Knockouts Division VP role she'll be taking over is a tainted one by old standards set by Karen Jarrett (did I mention that I am thankful everyday that she's gone?). Fact is, it's also an unnecessary one.

I hold any familial talents to a higher standard and, I believe, rightfully so. No other position will receive more scrutiny than one in high authority by family who ranks higher still. Only Brooke can defend her place and, provided she's up to the challenge, we may see an even better product presented from week to week, with more Knockouts being featured from week to week.

If this column sounds like a broken record with the same thought over and over.....good, that's the idea, because my position in all of this is cautious optimism, but I believe that the cord should be held closely, if the need arises to pull it quickly.

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