Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Final Countdown....

So this is it. The Very first in TNA's ongoing live broadcast summer. The final challenger for the TV Title has been announced......Jeff Hardy. Your challengers are the following:

Jeff Hardy
Rob Van Dam
Robbie E.
Mr. Anderson

Be sure to get in your vote for Devon's opponent tonight. To pull the curtain back a bit, former WWE Tag Team Champion Domino is backstage for the live event. Whether we'll see an on screen appearance is unclear, but what IS on the docket has been mentioned in earlier columns. Just to recap, though.....

-Brooke Hogan will be introduced to the Impact Zone
-Sting vs. Bobby Roode in a Lumberjack Match
-Update on the career of James Storm
-Devon vs. Fan's Choice for the TV Title
-A big surprise announcement from Dixie Carter

What TNA does from here will have a great deal of influence on how well the card stacks up for Slammiversary and I'm going all in that the build will be something special. Now, whether or not we see a new debut or a return is something best left for tonight, but I will say, hang on and brace for Impact.

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