Monday, May 28, 2012

From the Crow's Nest.....

Listing the names leaving TNA is like taking bullets in rapid succession. Alex Shelley, Ric Flair, Don West, and potentially Matt Morgan. HOWEVER, let me emphasize this as clearly as I possibly can......Only Don West and Ric Flair are confirmed as released. Alex Shelley and Matt Morgan could still re-sign with TNA once their contracts have been given for renewal.

Maybe I'm just an optimist, but I have some strong leanings that Matt Morgan is going to stay with TNA, provided they give him the kind of push he needs to become a top tier contender. Alex Shelley is a bit of a wild card, but I wouldn't count him out either. Don West is a huge loss. Anyone who laughs has no clue how much he did for the merchandising side of the business TNA was running. He moved more merchandise from their warehouses and created opportunities for TNA to truly break into the collectible market. Figure in that he also provided a decent voice from the announce table in the early goings and you can see just how valuable Mr. West was to the organization.

NOW.....with all of this talk about releases over with, we come to the challengers for the TV Title this coming Thursday. The first contender has been announced as Rob Van Dam. Mr. Pay Per View had a great showing at Sacrifice and, despite a botched and painful looking finish, put on a very nice little ladder match for the World Title. Granted, it was not to be, but RVD still is one of the finest performers on the roster on a consistent basis. So who else is waiting for their chance? I have my guesses.....

Jeff Hardy.......With RVD on the docket, I can only see TNA picking their top merchandise mover as a fan favorite simply to get people voting.

James Storm.....If anyone could polarize the viewers and split the vote, it's Storm. Losing at Lockdown may have made him step away for a time, but I think the chance at gold is too hard to resist.

Crimson.......It's time. I think it's time Crimson had the chance to get some gold under his resume. He's undefeated, unpinned, and has enough skills to pursue this. It'd be a shame if they don't finally pull the trigger and let him be his own man.

Mr. Anderson......I would be a bit surprised if they had him in contention for so long for the big belt and cut him out of getting a shot at the number two belt on the ticket.

Those are my guesses. I realize that makes 5 and there are only four spots, but there are even more spots I could explain. So I have cut it down to 5.

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