Thursday, May 17, 2012

God of War......

Today, I want to talk about TNA's biggest X Factor right now......Austin Aries. Never mind that he's the current X Division Champion. Right now, he's moving up the card. Do I agree with that decision? After putting up a possible match of the night at Sacrifice, you'd better believe it. He's gutsy, athletic, and he's got charisma in spades. I will say this about him, though.....I didn't always see him that way.

In Austin's first run in TNA, the X Division was in a different place. They had Sonjay Dutt, Senshi, Petey Williams, Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Amazing Red, and they stacked the card with them, making Austin Aries just another face in the crowd. Now, the X Division is smaller and more streamlined, allowing for him to stand head and shoulders above the rest. With the addition of Alex Silva to possibly enter into the X Division, it may give Aries the chance to do something more.....move towards the World Heavyweight Title.

I grant you that that World Title scene is a bit crowded. Bully Ray keeps hovering in range as do Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and James Storm, but Aries has something different to offer the division......the legitimacy of being in the midst of a lengthy championship reign while chasing the big belt. He's a champion in pursuit of another title to add. I believe he gives credibility to the X Division, but he's become bigger than the division and needs the chance to breakout and become something of the faces of TNA.

Where does the X Division go after he's gone? Simple. Onward and upward. I believe that the division is LOADED with pure athletes who can put on a great show. Doug Williams could quite easily make a return to the X Division and carry it as he once did. A good story would see a couple of big guys coming in, wanting to break the shackles of the X Division, making the claim that Bischoff's weight limit keeps the X Division at the bottom of the card.....because the X Division isn't about weight limits, it's about no limits. Aries' departure from the division won't cripple it. The top of the card needs something and nothing short of "the Greatest Man that Ever Lived" will do.....

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