Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's Coming.....

The way of TNA is about to change, as we all know. TNA goes live beginning next week; Sting vs. Roode in a Lumberjack Match; Brooke Hogan takes over the Knockouts Division (whether permanent or temporary); and the final two weeks of build to Slammiversary. This has been a pretty crazy week of news as far as TNA is concerned.

I have a question to pose.....what does it all mean? WWE gains insider information from a dirty employee, Ric Flair is given his marching orders, TNA launches lawyers in two different directions, and independent performers begin to choose sides. As far as I can see, the battle lines are being drawn. The difference is that TNA is actually better off this time. When they went live the last time, they rendered the show virtually unwatchable with so many cameo appearances and debuts and with too many radical changes. In the current winds, TNA has everything they need to succeed this time.

A consistent home base isn't what a lot of TNA fans want to see, but neither do they want to see the company go belly up for lack of finances. Real growth takes time and now that their performers are finding more avenues into which to grow roots and a fanbases, so too is the product finding new ways to expand. With at least one new show on the horizon and a consistent influx of new talents to regenerate their roster, TNA is beginning to remake themselves in a fresh new way that is sure to win over the masses, provided that they are just as determined to keep each new talent moving on camera so that people can see some character development and a story to match.

While WWE is more focused on starting up their own television network and bringing back stars from 10 years back, TNA is making every effort to update their own programming. With Open Fight Night, the Gut Check Challenge, and at least one title defense on each and every show, TNA seems far more serious about putting their best foot forward than their northern based counterpart. Sure, WWE has momentum on their side, but so does a pendulum at first......

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