Sunday, May 6, 2012

Knockouts Main Eventing?

Advanced Booking Tactics 201: Knockouts at the top

I mentioned in the last column that TNA needs to spotlight the specialty divisions. I'm here today to give just one idea as to how to go about putting the Knockouts in the main without any further ado, I say we get right into it....

First off, let's have a look at both champions and their status.

Gail Kim- heel
ODB/Eric Young- face

As you can see, the scene is uneven with a face pair with a heel major champion. Since the landscape will work more smoothly with a fully face champion pairing, I'm going to predict Brooke Tessmacher as the new Knockouts champion after Sacrifice. Now, having said that, this will mean a spectacle of a match at Slammiversary whether it's a simple one on one or if it involves multiple challengers, it doesn't matter....for the Knockouts Division to be able to main event a PPV, a great deal has to be at stake.

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that Brooke keeps the belt another month, just past Slammiversary's festivities. I can only see this thing going down one way....ODB and Eric Young are going to be breaking up in my booking of the PPV Knockouts main event. All belts are up for grabs and Brooke, as the reigning champion wants to prove herself as a fighting champion. Hogan has an idea and makes a pairing of tournaments, where the tag team victor and one singles victor will challenge the current champions for their titles in a final elimination match.

Velvet Sky/Tara
Gail Kim/Madison Rayne
Angelina Love/Winter
Mickie James/TBA

Going along with the scenario that the tag team that wins is a definite challenger for the Knockouts Tag Titles. Each other tag team remaining is put into a battle royale where the winner is the sole challenger for the Knockouts Title. So let's say that Rosita/Sarita and a brand new Knockout are the challengers for the set of belts. A sole survivor 3 on 3 title match takes place on PPV as the main event to determine 3 different champions. The final remaining person standing wins the belts for their team.

The most important thing about this entire story is that it has to affect everything. Meaning, the World Champ has to have a problem with this decision in order for it to matter at all. This decision to put the Knockouts at the top of the card has to be pushed as a landmark match, becoming the first women's PPV main event in the history of the televised wrestling fed. THAT is what will make TNA shine if the Knockouts are spotlighted.

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  1. What about a Queen of the Mountain match? U could have Gail defend her title against Mickie, Tara, Brooke, Angelina, & Velvet at Slammiversary. That would definitely give the womens' division a serious rub IMHO.