Friday, May 11, 2012

Long Live the King......

TNA announced this week the signing of Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal to join up with their roster for the summer into the fall of this year. For those unfamiliar with his accolades, allow me to illustrate. Lawal's professional record is 10-1-1. This includes a KO victory against former Brazilian Ju Jitsu specialist Roger Gracie. A former NCAA Division I All American from Oklahoma State, he's also a 3 time US National Champion. He holds a Silver World Cup Medal and a Gold Medal from the Pan America Games in 2007.

A roster filled to the brim with talent makes TNA the perfect place to spotlight Lawal. Imagine Crimson's streak broken by a national champion like Lawal. How about a showdown against Kurt Angle? Maybe a feud with TNA's only Triple Crown Winner, AJ Styles is more to your liking. Whatever your tastes, this is something big and big news comes once in a great while. For TNA, however, big news is 10 years of throwing the critics and haters through the stage like an Abyss-powered chokeslam. For TNA, big news is picking up the best parts of WWE's bad judgement and turning it to maximum overdrive.

I, personally, welcome the former World Champion to TNA and believe he'll do some amazing things for the company as the weeks and months wear on. From my sources, he's believed to be fully clean after a spotty record with Strikeforce. As a fighter in the Spike TV hosted Bellator Fighting Championship in the coming year, he's sure to capture his share of the spotlight. "Bringing legitimacy to professional wrestling" isn't only Brock Lesnar's catchphrase anymore.

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  1. Samuel ekwuribe.May 15, 2012 at 1:19 AM

    We the nigerian tna fan are missing tna since supersport stoped showing the program.please is there an alternative for us.