Monday, May 21, 2012

Round 2....Different players

I told you we could build a decent card out of simply the players on top of each company. I would go a step further and say that we could go another round with another 10 players from each company and have every bit the headlining event. Unfortunately for WWE, their top tier is so small that very few remain in a commanding role, which means that TNA will come out of it on top but let's look at round 2 anyway....

1. Rey Mysterio
2. Alberto Del Rio
3. Ryback
4. Dolph Ziggler
5. Kane
6. The Miz
7. Lord Tensai
8. Natalya
9. Beth Phoenix
10. Wade Barrett

These are my personal picks from the upper mid-card and top profile places left in WWE. This, in my opinion, is where business picks up. There is simply more talent in this list than there is in the previous.

1. AJ Styles
2. Doug Williams
3. Crimson
4. Matt Morgan
5. Mr. Anderson
6. Jeff Hardy
7. Mickie James
8. Angelina Love
9. Hernandez
10. Sting

How about THIS list? Let's run the card like this....

1. Ryback vs. Crimson.....Undefeated streak vs. a smaller undefeated streak. I love this on paper just for the hype that can be created for the match. The winner would HAVE to depend on the kind of match.

2. Doug Williams vs. Wade Barrett.....UK face-off. This is a good idea and both are talented in-ring tacticians. Unfortunately for WWE, I give Doug Williams the edge for simply having fewer restrictions put on his moveset.

3. Matt Morgan vs. Lord Tensai.....Nothing would make me happier than putting Albert, A-Train, Prince Albert, Tensai on the shelf and I think the DNA of TNA is just the guy to do it.

4. Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson vs. The Miz and Dolph Ziggler......This needs to be a kind of extreme rules type match with a decent amount of time to work with.

5. AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio.....Who wouldn't love to see this matchup? Seriously. I'll grant that Rey has slowed in his more recent years, but his skill as a ring general is still quite sharp and will make AJ look like a million bucks as he loses.

6. Angelina Love and Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya.....This is a TNA type dream match that will get some time and is guaranteed to be a great match.

7. Sting vs. Kane......While The Undertaker's health has been in question for years, the same cannot be said for his brother, who is still around and kicking on a regular basis. THIS would be a decent match with plenty of hype and fanfare.

8. Hernandez vs. Alberto Del Rio.......Mexican Revolution. I love the idea of putting together two hometown heroes matches. It really makes the card look like an important one for each company to win victories. In my humble opinion, while Del Rio is a better speaker, Hernandez has him beat in terms of his ability to work a decent match. I just hope the amount of botched moves is kept to a modest level.

There is still one more card that can be put together and this is further proof that TNA is doing the better job of using their roster. The evidence is striking, believe me.

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