Monday, May 21, 2012

Round 3....Turning Point

1. Heath Slater
2. Justin Gabriel
3. Zack Ryder
4. Brodus Clay
5. Christian
6. David Otunga
7. Jack Swagger
8. Kelly Kelly
9. Ted DiBiase
10. Chris Jericho

This is what WWE is left with that even stands to compete and Christian is just coming off of an injury and Jericho is on the verge of leaving for another Fozzy tour, making only a marginal part of this list.

1. Bully Ray
2. Chris Sabin
3. Alex Shelley
4. Magnus
5. Samoa Joe
6. Abyss
7. RVD
8. Rob Terry
9. Tara
10. Pope D'Angelo Dinero

As you can see, TNA's performers here are very nearly ALL on the flagship show on television at least 3 or 4 times per month whereas WWE's are rarely on either of the more popular shows on TV save for Christian and Chris Jericho. I say we put in the most bang for the buck and finish off WWE once and for all.

1. Bully Ray vs. David Otunga.....I don't like Otunga. Let me make that clear, so I make this a No Disqualification match. Bully wins.

2. Survivor Series match (The Motor City Machine Guns, Joe, Magnus, and Rob Terry vs. Gabriel, DiBiase, Ryder, Slater, and Brodus Clay)......Without much discussion, TNA's finest prevail.

3. Tara vs. Kelly Kelly.....Is there really a competition here? Why did I pick Kelly? Because she's a WWE top management favorite for selling posters, and Maxim magazine covers.

4. Abyss vs. Jack Swagger.....I like the idea of taking Swagger out of his element and a nice match against a brawler would do him some good.

5. RVD vs. Chris Jericho.....It doesn't matter what kind of match, they always deliver in a match with one another.

6. Pope Dinero vs. Christian......I like that Christian and Pope have some common ground, which is why I picked them to face one another.

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