Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hogan and Bischoff bring some baggage with them. Make no mistake about it. Compound that with attempting to run the second most popular televised wrestling federation, and it makes one wonder if the attention will be a detracting factor, damaging TNA's following. Eric Bischoff would say that controversy creates cash, but as I have always said here, it's not always the case. In fact, sometimes controversy creates complications.

In spite of that, though, I believe both to be doing a fine job, putting together a decent show each week and dreaming up new ways to try to bolster a greater fanbase. I don't think the end of the surprises has been reached, in fact. TNA has been doing a decent job of deflecting blows to the product by sparingly using both Hogan and Bischoff on their programming and Sacrifice. Now that Bischoff is no longer being featured at all on their broadcasts, his current lawsuit no longer is in the forefront and shields the better portion of TNA's underbelly, as it were.

Do I believe that integrity should skirt the motives and actions of every performer? Absolutely. Do I agree with the actions of Hogan and Bischoff if it comes to light as true? Not at all. But does it deter them from doing a decent job promoting the product? That is the question that needs to be addressed. Back in the 90's, Vince McMahon's character on TV did every bit the number and intensity of the actions being accused of Hogan and Bischoff and with less tact in avoiding it. Yet despite all of it, his product was the one to survive the Monday Night Wars.

So do I think the lawsuits of Hogan and Bischoff will hurt the TNA product? That depends entirely upon them, so far as I'm concerned.

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