Friday, May 4, 2012

Step 1: Exposure......

Basic concepts 101.....How to get noticed.

TNA is already recognized as the number 2 wrestling federation around by most wrestling fans, but TNA's fans, generally speaking, are Attitude Era fans. This is WCW vs. WWF all over again, folks. I will say that this time, TNA is a much better rounded organization, employing a Women's Division that's second to none; and the X Division, which holds the bulk of wrestling's finest high flyers. Having said ALL of that....the question remains....How do we get TNA's name out there?

1. Top stars doing talk shows...... Kurt Angle has already done some of that. Hulk Hogan has already done some of the work there as well. Radio shows regularly feature Eric Bischoff or Dixie Carter or Ric Flair or other top tier celebrity figures to try and give TNA some credence as a national power, but we wrestling fans can be a rather fickle bunch so promotion in the arena of shows and media can't be the only outlet.

2. Top stars breaking into other mediums......Mickie James went country for 2 solid records, James Storm is featured in Montgomery Gentry's performance of his entrance theme, AJ Styles has even appeared in a music video.....since TNA is based in Nashville, the country music capital of the world, it only stands to reason that they would promote in that arena, but crossing into other genres of music would be of equal value. Imagine Jeff Hardy or Sting or Rob Van Dam featured in a video by a hard rock performer. Music opens up another avenue to promote. TNA has done well on one front, but more work can be done.

3. One truly classic story......All it took for WCW was one story to make them a national and international power....nWo. TNA needs one really good, well thought out, perfectly balanced story to tip the scales in their favor. I initially thought a Fortune feud over the World Title would be a GREAT idea as something to build towards, but the top brass had other ideas, which is not a criticism, only an observation. The fact is, the Bobby Roode angle is becoming a bit stale, which means they are going to have to put the belt on someone new VERY soon in order to keep people interested, if nothing else.

4. One more acquisition......As against the prospect as I have been, even I have to admit that one more HUGE name will sell TNA to the jaded masses who have dismissed them as second rate. I may not fully be behind a guy like Batista or Goldberg, but one more marquis player would set TNA up for a nitrous boost that could make them a profitable powerhouse. Angle is winding down his career, working a limited schedule. Sting's days as an in ring performer are nearing their end. The top tier is beginning to thin out, but another prime time player would shake the roster up a bit. Another option if a larger name can't be found would be........

5. Pulling the trigger on Crimson, Matt Morgan, and Austin Aries......If TNA were to turn their top three upper mid card guys towards the top prize and make them main event players, critics would take notice. I promise you. Making a play off of Crimson's Streak, Austin Aries' uncontested X Division Championship reign, or Matt Morgan's past as the longest reigning lone Tag Team champion in TNA history would be a far cry easier than trying to prime a new challenger for the Heavyweight belt.

6. Pull Abyss out of the field......His character needs either a new person to fill the persona or for something dramatic to happen to him to make him worth watching again. I am getting very tired of seeing Abyss being misused, mishandled, and generally mismanaged almost to the degree Kane has in the past decade for WWE. He needs to reinvent himself or leave for good. That's my opinion in the matter.

That does it for Step 1...Step 2 is on hot standby.......

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