Saturday, May 5, 2012

Step 2: House Shopping....

Basic Concepts 101: Bigger Houses

TNA's Impact Zone is getting a bit small for their crowd. Simple as that. They need a larger venue to call home, at least until traction comes underneath them that allows for them to take the show on the road full time. SO.....I have to believe that Universal Studios has a larger venue on site or that the Orlando area has a site from which TNA can broadcast from each week. With the contract TNA has at Universal Studios, there must be something that can be done; strings that can be pulled to move everything to a larger home base.

One simple truth: A show is only as large as what the venue can reasonably hold. The Impact Zone's empty seats are few and far between. People DO like the show presented from week to week. Hence they are still in business and in a roundabout way, so is this site. If you take the word of guys like Shane "overrated ECW guy" Douglas or Scott "Twitter sound off" Steiner, TNA will be dead by year's end, but if you go by the attendance in the Impact Zone and the consistent ratings they put up each week, you can tell that's simply not true.

Exposure and a bigger place to call home are two pieces to the puzzle. I believe only two more remain......spotlighting the specialty divisions and PPV development.

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