Sunday, May 6, 2012

Step 3: PPV Development.....

Basic concepts 101.....Making a PPV worth buying

TNA's finishes are a complaint common to their product. "I loved the PPV, but hated the ending." That's the response I hear most from sites that provide fan feedback. One columnist goes so far as to say that TNA's PPVs are there to put emphasis on the upcoming weeks' broadcast of Impact. While I can't say as I agree entirely with the assessment, I will say that TNA has had a track record of not pulling the trigger on some things they really should.

In retrospect, some would say that Bobby Roode should have come out of Bound for Glory last year as the champion. Now, that decision doesn't seem like such a good idea with Roode being the ultimate heel for the company. I would like to see JUST ONCE for TNA to have a solid ending with a clean finish; no tricks, no gimmicks, no run ins, no nothing. Just a nice, clean 1-2-3. How long has it been since we've really seen that?

How about putting a Knockouts match at the very top of the card? Some would call that crazy, but if it makes sense, why not? What about putting the X Title in the main event? Unbreakable 2005 was heralded as one of the best PPVs TNA has ever put out. My point? Put together a PPV where everything makes sense and nothing is polluted by questionable finishes.

If you want to sell a PPV, guarantee something exciting and deliver....period. Don't bait and switch your fans who paid to see something you don't plan on giving out. I can guarantee we'll see something good coming out of Slammiversary this year, bet on something exciting, something fresh, and something innovative. TNA needs to deliver every time in order to expand.

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