Sunday, May 6, 2012

Step 4: Spotlighting Divisions....

Basic concepts 101: Handing off the spotlight

TNA has had a nasty habit in the last 3 years or so of sometimes hiding the X Division and TV Title behind the main event of the night. By doing that, they miss out on a golden opportunity to put more people under the spotlight. So.... my solution? Kick the main event down the card for a night. Put another division in the position normally reserved for the main event feud at the end of the night.

Unbreakable 2005 gave the X Division a chance to shine, but so far, the Knockouts have yet to hold that kind of honor. Why not put the two Knockouts Titles in the main event? Some would argue that it wouldn't draw money, but I think a great many WWE fans would be surprised that TNA's women's division is getting their just desserts more than their hometown heroes. By making the specialty divisions special, you encourage the bigger names to make a decision. Stay in a place that holds them back or jump into a place that will give them a place to showcase.

I say put the X Division back in the saddle and let them have a 30-45 minute match. Give the Knockouts the same amount of time. Let 6-8 people fight over the TV Title on PPV. Why not? Something new. Something different. Something innovative. Then, let the people decide if the idea is any good.

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